Free Online Art Workshop

Three Easy Art Projects You Can Do At Home

Have you always wanted to create art but didn't know how to begin?

Are these some of the reasons that keep you from making art? Maybe you think...

  • I don't have any talent.
  • It will take too much time. 
  • The materials will be too expensive.
  • I have no place to work. 

Join me in this free workshop and I'll give you some tools and tips to answer those issues. I'll also show you some simple projects you can do at home with minimal setup and just a few materials.

I'll send you a free color wheel and seven page booklet just for signing up!

Tesia Blackburn has been a working artist in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years. In 2000 she was hired by Golden Artist Colors, as the Certified Golden Working Artist in San Francisco. Her work hangs in private homes and corporate offices, hotels and hospitals all over the world.

Her book "Acrylic Painting with Passion" is available at all booksellers. Visit her online school. Follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram