Online Classes 

Can't make it to one of my classes in the studio? I have several online options for you. You can learn with me LIVE in Creative Flow on YouTube or take a self-paced class in my online school. Either way, I'll be here for you to keep your creativity flowing!

Creative Flow

Join me every Thursday night on YouTube for an hour of blissful music and painting. Slow down. Breathe. Create. You're going to love this. ❤️

The 20 Minute Artist™

What's holding you back from making art that you love? Do you need more time? More space? I have some answers for you in this self-paced program. Designed specifically for busy people. Just like you.

The Artist Thinkup™

Give yourself Permission to be Passionate. What's a Thinkup? It's another word for mastermind, conceive, concoct, dream up, cogitate. In this self-paced program you will use all of those words as you build new skills or build upon skills you already have.